Encouragement Leads To Excellence

February 21, 2021 Jacob Grimes Season 1 Episode 1
Encouragement Leads To Excellence
Show Notes

The Development Community are passionate about helping equip young people in organisations to COMMUNICATE, CONNECT and LEAD TO GREAT EFFECT!

In this episode, Jacob will explain how encouragement is a super fuel to power our projects, professional visions and personal dreams. Calling out the problem that so few pour encouragement into the lives of those around them, Jacob will explain the powerful 4 principles of encouragement through engaging stories and offer practical ways we can encourage excellence into our everyday.

  1. Encouragement Energises
  2. Encouragement Elevates
  3. Encouragement Expands
  4. Encouragement Eliminates

Show Notes:

Encouragement Energises

Personal story of David)

  • Encouragement raises the levels of personal/ team enthusiasm
  • Encouragement increases the level of personal/team stamina
  • Encouragement develops a personal/team winning mentality

Encouragement Elevates

Story of Esther from the Bible)

  • Encouragement raises individual/ team performance
  • Encouragement increases individual/ team ability to focus
  • Encouragement increases individual/ team commitment
  • Encouragement moves team members to lookout for the interests of those around them

Encouragement Expands

( Story from Remember the Titans)

  • Encouragement moves people to see impossible visions become possible realities
  • Encouragement enables people to discover new abilities

Encouragement Eliminates

( Story of Bethany Hamilton)

  • Encouragement breaks down barriers
  • Encouragement encourages greater creativity 
  • Encouragement creates an environment for healthy risk-taking